My family and I have just embarked on our Bible challenge, taking on a 52 week Bible calendar.

The truth is, God challenged me recently about my Bible reading; He showed me how I had been lazy and coasting and quite frankly short changing my young people by not regularly engaging in The Word.

I’ll give you an example of an embarrassing moment that recently happened to me; I took my young people to a Youth event a couple of weeks ago, and during a conversation with another youth leader, I showed off by quoting a popular Bible verse that when confronted with where it was in the Bible, I realised I had no idea where.

I let that moment pass and swallowed it and hid it deep within my subconscious. Whenever it threatened to surface, I would squash it back down with excuses, saying to myself that it was just momentary forgetfulness.

The truth is, I went home that night and memorised where that verse is and probably will never forget where it is written.

But since then, I have been unable to shake off the fact that I know less about the Bible that I ought to; and in my position as a Youth Leader, this is really inexcusable.

How am I to teach young people about God, His purpose and discovering their identity, if I don’t encourage them to read His word?

So that is the reason why I embarked on this challenge.

I am hoping that over the next few weeks, I will begin to experience change as I engage with God and learn about His word.

Our first Bible study yesterday didn’t go so well, but hopefully, this is more of a reason to continue.

I know i need more of God. I pray for courage to daily seek to better my knowledge of His word.