My husband is very quiet. So sometimes I have to remember to hold back the amount of conversations I inadvertently involve him in or the amount of people I bring over to introduce to him after church on a Sunday morning. It is a work in progress, but I am trying. Despite being quiet, though, my husband is very funny and very engaging, qualities I love deeply in him and about him. I love to show off his intelligence too, so I find myself wanting people to talk to him, just so that I can hear him reason about various things. I love hearing his views and insight on life, faith, and even football on occasion. But I have to remember, always, that talking is my forte, not his. And yet there are times when his conversations naturally start without any involvement from me and I hear him begin to share his faith with someone new or tell his story to a group of people. These are my favourite moments. Today was one of those days.
My husband has an amazing story. He was born deaf and as such was an unhappy baby until his parents and doctors discovered why, at the age of 3. His early years consisted of various hospital visits and eventually, growmits were put in his ears to correct his hearing. He was also born with a rare genetic heart disorder called Marfan syndrome. It’s a condition that is never meant to get better, and according to experts, there is no cure. When I met my husband he had no belief in God to speak of. Because of the trials he had encountered in his life, he’d struggled to believe that there was a God who saw and did nothing to intervene. Our first conversations were very interesting, particularly as we come from two very different faith backgrounds. And the more we talked about God, the more He became real for me all over again. But it wasn’t until his grandma was at death’s door that our conversation began to focus more on the reality of God and life after death. I remember one night receiving a txt that read ‘Nana has been given 24 hours to live’. My friends and I decided to pray that night for a miracle. The next 24 hours were normal to us, work, etc, but not for my husband as he and his family waited for the inevitable. The next night, as he sat watching his Nana, he felt in his heart the fear of death for her leave him and so, without a second thought , got up, and left the hospital room. She lived for another year following that night. But his faith in God was kickstarted by that moment.
A few months later, God healed him completely of Marfan’s and 4 years later he has been discharged by the doctors as he no longer exhibits the symptoms at all.
Today, as he shared his story at our table I was in awe. Not of my husband, even though he’s amazing, but if God. And how much He has already done in my husband’s life and what a living testimony his life is. As he shared his story, I had the privilege of witnessing the response of the guy on our table, whose journey with God is yet to begin. And He, too, was in awe of God, and of the stories He is writing on our lives. The Bible says we will overcome (succeed in dealing with, get the better of, prevail over, control, get control of, get/bring under control, bridle, tame, master, gain mastery over, deal with, conquer, defeat, vanquish, beat……) the enemy through:
a) through the blood of the lamb
b) the power of their testimony.
Our testimony!!! I sometimes downplay my testimony. And yet it is power to defeat the enemy! And how amazing to witness the power of the testimony at work in an unbeliever’s life! When was the last time you shared yours?