I’ve never been good at doing nothing.  When I was younger my parents used to have to remind me to sit down and sit still.  Not much has changed as I got older except learning to prioritise and appreciating sleep. I love being busy. Which is why I find Psalm 46:10 really hard to keep to. The call to “be still”- I’ve always struggled with not associating that with “do nothing”. When trouble comes,  often I find comfort in the work.  The doing, the fixing,  the planning. So lately when I’ve been hearing God’s call for stillness I’ve wavered a bit into old habits and began to plan. Not a lot but just plan A-C. Not too much;  but just a bit so as to not appear to be ill prepared should the worst happen. And slowly, without realising how much my bit of planning is potentially unravelling my trust.  And undoing the plan of God.  The storms I’ve encountered lately have been used by the Holy Spirit  to highlight another area of weakness for me. To trust Him and say that I really trust Him means that I will trust his plan, laying aside my own. Not alongside or with mine a couple of steps behind.  But actually let go and fully surrender even if I can’t see the way.  A friend recently described this picture to me as putting your hand out into the darkness and reaching for God’s hand; not asking for the light for the way but trusting that he knows the way.  And having put my hand in his, to step into the unknown. Because He will never lead me astray. So step by step,  hand in hand,  I renew my journey into stillness.