Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,
And to take Him at His Word;
Just to rest upon His promise,
And to know, “Thus says the Lord!”

I’ve grown up singing this song.  But this week I really feel the challenge of the words.  Trust.  It’s an easy word to use, isn’t it?  We say: “I trust you” to people sometimes with such ease that it’s easy to miss what that word really means.  What does it look like to really trust? To really ‘take Him at His word? When you receive a word from God,  yes, but you still have a decision looming over you,  deadlines pecking at you and the clock against you?  What does it look like to rest on his promise when you have pressures of life pressing up against you asking you to make choices and make them now? I’ve been there;  I’ve felt that way. I imagine the Israelites must have also felt this way,  too,  as they saw before them the red sea and behind them the Egyptians chasing them.  The pressure they must have felt as they wondered just when God was going to step in and save them!  Surely He could see the situation they were in and the urgency of it. Surely they were justified on this one occasion to cry out “yikes” to Moses and to yell ” er, anytime now,  God!” And God was the one who had asked them to set off on this journey.  They knew the destination was good but just needed to hold on in the middle of the trial. Because actually to trust means to remember the promise that was spoken.  And for faith in that promise to be a bit greater than the fear of the circumstances around. To choose to look up at God and not to stare at the raging seas ahead.  Not out of ignorance but out of the belief in the majestic power of God.