I’m walking now.  Quite well actually.  In fact,  today I went out in public without crutches. A moment witnessed, by beautiful friends who have helped us so much over this season that we’ve been going through. There were obviously a lot of excited squeals (mostly from me) as I showed off one more great thing that the Lord has done.  As we parted ways the smile on my face,  my husband said, was the widest he’s seen it for a while.  Mostly because actually,  I couldn’t have planned it better. If there were two people I would have liked to see my first outing without crutches, it was those two.  But I was also smiling for a different reason. The awesomeness of God.  How big He is.  His word, defying medical reports that said it’ll take 3-6 months (at least) to heal.  Three months! ! That was two weeks ago.  I have so many reasons for my wide smile. And part of the reason why I’m writing about it now,  I guess is because I never want to forget the magnitude of this miracle.  I never want to go back to normal and lose sight of how incredibly mighty God’s hand has been in all of this.  Most people we know have witnessed our journey and thankfully they have been part of the story that God is writing on our hearts.  So i guess I’m writing this down too, so they won’t forget either.  I guess so that together we can remember and remind others of the God of miracles who we met this summer together.  Who can do exceedingly abundantly above that which we can ask or imagine.  (Ephesians 3:20-21) . And I hope we can remind others together of THAT God,  when they question or maybe even lose their way.  And even remind each other when we lose our way. May we always, through this, help each other to find our way back to THAT God.  Who holds us in His hand from birth to end.  Who knows all about us and cares enough to meet us where we are.  Who hurts with us and whose heart responds to ours in love. Great love.  Enough to die.  Who feeds the hungry,  clothes the naked,  rescues the lost.  The God of kindness,  of love,  peace and justice. I guess before walking becomes so natural to me, I wanted to capture this feeling right now in this moment of the magnitude of our great BIG God.  Lest I forget.