I once heard the story of a woman who was driving along on the motorway and then felt to pull over and go into the services and do a handstand by the coke machine.  Like any sane person,  she ignored the urge and continued to drive but as she got closer to the services the feeling intensified so much that she eventually gave in pulled up to the services,  went into the nearest shop,  found a coke vending machine and proceeded to do a handstand.  Within seconds a woman approached her crying saying that she had just been bargaining with God,  while battling with feelings of suicide.  In a desperate moment of life and death she has asked God to prove to her that He was real and that he cared about her by sending someone into the shop she was in and to have this person do a handstand by the coke machine, otherwise she would kill herself.  So you can imagine the conversation that took place between the two women as they both rediscovered anew the depth of God’s ability to rescue. When I heard this story, I was amazed. But as wonderful as this story is,  it is not the greatest story of God’s rescue. Today, at church, as I sat in a normal Sunday service, God spoke to me powerfully through a story that I have heard so many times and yet was new again to me this morning. Christians know this story so well; a few thousand years ago, in a place not unlike that shop with the hopeless lady,  we too were headed towards certain death unless God proved his existence to us by pulling a powerful trick.  Except it was no trick; He heard our desperation and really sent His son who came and died on a cross,  taking onto himself every shame,  guilt and fear that you and I have ever felt. And three days later he rose again and suddenly we were no longer hopeless. We had hope and a new life. And as I sat in the service today I realised that the story I heard a few years ago about a hopeless woman in a shop is nothing compared to the miracle of a God who answered our cry for a God we can see and came to show us that He is real and because He is real,  there is no need for us to die.  He instead wants us not only to exist but to really live life in colour.  And it’s no trick.  Don’t believe me?  Try him.  Ask him now to prove himself to you.  Go on.  I dare you.