God is in the business of fixing our hearts. True story. He really doesn’t like it when our hearts are broken, or sad or indifferent to injustice or worse. He made us to be wholehearted. And if we could only let him in- oh the wonders he could do!

I’m not speaking in parables- over the past year, I have had the opportunity to witness this for myself, first hand. Last year, God began the process of mending my heart from years of heartbreak that I didn’t even know I had. I was born in Rwanda, you see,  and I was unfortunate enough to be around when the genocide happened and so had been carrying around years of trauma that I wasn’t even aware of.

Without realising, this had affected my identity and the way I related to the idea of home in every sense. Every time someone asked me where I came from, it was like they were asking me to solve the square root of Pi- it was complicated.

But God cares about the condition of our hearts and so, when I was most willing, he began to help me realise that I needed healing. But in a way, this was an easy one to work through. It was years ago so less ouch- you know?

But the real test, that came last November. I’m a mum of two. I am a mum of one strong determined, 6 year old world changer and one equally world changing, but slightly more compliant 2 year old boy. Back in November, I had the incident every parent dreads- the one where you and another mum disagree on parenting methods, resulting in lost friendships. Anyone been there?

Well, needless to say, my heart was broken for a while. Having gone through all the classic stages of grief, the last thing I expected was for a text, seven months later from my friend, asking to meet up and talk about November. And suddenly my heart beat raised higher than it medically should, indicating that it wasn’t entirely whole. A great opportunity for God to come in and work.

I love what Jesus does though. He fixes our hearts. Like I said, he cares about the condition of our hearts. And i will tell you why; in the Bible, in Matthew 22:37,  Jesus asks us to love God with ‘all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind”- bit tricky, when your heart is in pieces!

So I have worked out that God mends my heart so that I can love him and others better. Broken hearts may love, but they can’t do it wholeheartedly. Whole hearts love wholeheartedly. So that is why my issue with my friend was of great concern for God; so that He can heal my heart, and i can love people and God better.

Today was a good day. I went and met with my friend. We had an awkward coffee at first- it wasn’t easy. But I also had people praying for me to be strong, so I was able to handle the chat better. And as we talked through things as mums, God brought healing to us both. And I can honestly say that when I left today, i felt whole.

And that is what He wants to do with all of us. So I ask you now, do you have a broken heart? Good news, God wants to make your heart whole. Maybe it is broken over the political state of our nation or a broken friendship- or maybe it’s your kids…whatever it might be. God can and wants to heal it so you can love better. So I can love better…and that’s got to be good, right?

Psalm 34:18: “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted, and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

Here is a prayer for those who have suffered a broken heart:

God, you care deeply for broken-hearted people.  This is a promise you make: You are close.  We pray for all those who are crippled by broken relationships.  Our hearts take the blow of disappointment.  We feel crushed because our hopes are dashed.  God, heal broken hearts.  We cannot fix our own wounds.  But you can.  If pieces of our heart have been lost, or are held captive by another, recover them and bring them back to us and miraculously “put us back together” so that our heart is whole again.  You are a mender of broken hearts.  We ask for this miracle, in the name of Jesus.