I’m a strong starter. I always start well. But in the past i haven’t always been a strong finisher. Thankfully, i don’t need to be too concerned yet because the race of life that I’m in still continues for me and ultimately only time will tell what kind of finisher i become.

But recently i had the privilege of actually finishing a race and being given at the end of it, a medal, that read on it ‘finisher’. And I’m not gonna lie. I LOVE this medal. Mostly because unlike who I’ve been in the past, when i look at that medal, it speaks to who I’m becoming. I’ve just attended a two day women’s conference where we were spoken to by Bob Goff, a man who passionately loves Jesus. He talked about speaking to your mirror self and to other people, not about who they have been but as who they could be. And honestly it was revolutionary!

When i hold my finisher medal, I am filled with hope. Hope that tells me that this could actually be me. As i navigate through life i could begin to become a finisher of stuff. There’s so much hope in this medal that i hold that it makes me want to attempt other things because even though I’m not a finisher in every thing, I’ve finished THIS.

I heard recently a story of a teacher who gave her anxious student an A before she even attempted to sit the exam. The teacher wanted to boost this student’s confidence by taking away the fear of the test. And as a result of that ‘pass’ she went on to work hard and did actually get an A at the end of the term in that particular course.  I love that. The teacher spoke to the student’s potential and  called it out of her. Thankfully, that’s what Jesus does for us, too. He takes the fear away and gives us a ready-made pass. He died on the cross and won and by believing in him we can step into his victory; into his A.

My medal is a pass for me even though I’m yet to finish the exam. It gives me  hope that one day i will wear the ultimate medal that reads finisher on it from Jesus and because he calls me finisher now, while I’m  barely even practicing, stumbling towards several finish lines -if i get to finish at all. But he sees who I’m becoming and cheers that person on. There’s a verse in the bible that talks about how it’s he who has began a good work in you anyway.

What  ‘good’ work, i hear you ask? Well in Genesis it talks about how God created man and he thought that the work that he did when he made you and me was ‘good’. He began a ‘good work’ by making you. And this verse in the bible that I’m referring to says that because it IS him, not you, who started a good work in you, who placed you on the starting line of the race of life in the first place, how then it is He who will be faithful to complete this good work that he began in you and I. Doesn’t that take the pressure away? He’s almost giving us a money back guarantee. If we would only come to him and enlist in his race. He knows the way already.

And like the race i recently ran, everything has been prepared from the start for you, setting you up already so that you could win.  All you have to do is start. And once you do, keep running.

“Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus”- Philippians 1:6

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us”- Hebrews 12:1