From the viewpoint of the kids, It started off as a game.
What happens when you close your eyes in hide and seek,
And when you open them, everyone’s gone?
It was only supposed to be for the summer
We were supposed to come back to you We were meant to grow up together but you hid and didn’t come out.
We tried to stay put
We could still see the smoke from your cooking fire from afar
We could still smell the fragrance of your stewed soup
We weren’t very far.
But summer turned to Autumn,
And winter came then.
We could no longer see your beautiful green fields
You’d hidden too well.
Did you still have your hands across your face?
Were you still counting the days?
We did too, for a while.
Hoping we’d open our eyes together after ten. But no; eleven and twelve came.
Years have passed now.
Pictures are faded memories
You probably try really hard to piece together our faces and remember.
I bet you ask pensively, “whatever happened to such and such?”
And when we come up in conversation, I bet you try with your might yo remember who liked to do what. Who was what age and which of us was your favourite and which one drove you insane.
That’s the thing about war; we are the survivors but we died too.
You grieved for us for a while, we did too.
Then it got easier to breathe and to imagine.
You probably created a fantasy land in which we all live happily ever after; we did too.
But now one by one those whom we love and who were loved by us pass us by.
And pretty soon the remembered become the forgotten.
How we would have given anything for more days with you.
Or at least one more minute face to face
At least one to say thank you for a lifetime of your love.
Because as you pass us by leaving us in this  pergutory state, it’s easy to realise, that all along while we survived,
We died too.