A few months ago, my husband lovingly mapped out a 10K running route for me in the aim to motivate me to train for the Manchester Run, a race that I had agreed to, all against his advice as I had just had a baby and had not run nearing two years. However, I am ashamed to say that during all the time I had to train, not once did I ever attempt the route nor train properly for the race. When the day came, I managed to run and complete the race to everyone’s surprise, including me. I felt proud and ashamed at the same time at the lack of consideration I had given to my training but sadly did nothing to rectify that when I got home and when I calmed down from the excitement from the race.

Today I put on my running shoes again for the first time since ‘running’ the 10K last month. After a reluctant start brought on by the boredom from endless world cup matches, an absentee husband coupled with ridiculous weight gain (I blame the cakes), I dragged myself, complaints aplenty, out of the house. My plan was to attempt the route my husband Stuart mapped for me for the first time, proving to myself that running the 10k was not a fluke. But even as I shut the door behind me, I was convinced in my mind that I wouldn’t make it down the street. Yet as I started to jog, I felt a gradual sense of calm as God began to speak to me.

I felt God clearly ask me to ‘detour’ from my planned route and instead to do a ‘prayer run’ in a loop around my area. I felt God ask me to complete seven loops around my neighbourhood praying and to do this over the next 24 days.

Over the last couple of months God has been putting prayer on my heart and over the last 4 weeks specifically, praying for my neighbourhood. I feel this is the beginning of a beautiful story between God and Droylsden, and I am privileged to be a part.

I cannot wait to see what 24 days of prayer, 7 times over does in me for this area.

Father, help me to continue on as you have commanded. Amen.